Jakob Johannsen

Visual artist, photographer & communication designer BA | MFA

Short Bio

1985 born in Germany, Johannsen is holding a MFA as visual artist from Academy of Fine Arts – University of the Arts Helsinki (Finland 2016) and a BA in communication design with major in photography from the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design (Germany 2011). Since 2012, he works and lives as artist and photographer in Finland. Johannsen’s interest lays in the current transition of photography through new media devices, internet and social media influences on everyday life. His art practice is characterised through reflection of photography, the analyzing of his own photographic gaze and the relation of virtual and environmental space. This happens in several works with the use of pixel elements in ceramic mosaics or in conceptual photo series and videos. The pixel elements in shape of hand made tiles in mosaics, often serve as interface between the coded virtual space and the architectural environment. Translation and transition are a permanently recurring motive in his body of work and find their visual outcome in diverse media, but always pointing back to photography. His works have been shown at Mänttä Art Festival (Finland), on the cover page of the German “Photonews” magazine (Hamburg), at Galerie Erhard Witzel (Wiesbaden) and as part of the collection Stadtgalerie Kiel. He was supported e.g. by the Land Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) and the Taiteen Edistämiskeskus (Arts promotion Centre Finland).

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